Book Two of the The Jim Drake Mysteries.

The west of Scotland, June 1931 - Jim Drake arrives for his summer holiday at Castle Tavish on the shores of peaceful Loch Crian, where his father is teaching the Laird McTavish the finer points of swordsmanship. Jim is befriended by the friendly post-delivery boy, Billy Nesbitt, who introduces him to the steep crags and high moors, as well as old tales of the infamous ‘Black Castle’. Despite the idyllic setting, there is more going on in this sleepy corner of Scotland than meets the eye – below the surface, terrible plans have been laid. Soon Jim and Billy are caught up in the dangerous consequences. Can Jim trust Billy? Can Jim trust anyone? Above all, the looming presence of Auld Crian, an ancient totem, watches from the hills. Action, drama and a little espionage guaranteed!

‘The Crags of Loch Crian’ is available now as a Paperback and e-Book. See my Links page for details

The writing of the third Jim Drake Mystery, titled ‘The Eagle and The Sword’ is underway!